Family Dinner

May 23, 2011

Eating right as a family creates a bond and also a support system between the family. Rock Fitness owners, Marilyn and Annette believe God, Family/Friends, and health should be a priority.

You can eat healthfully as a family by following below given:

Try to have one meal as a family at least once a day. It can even be breakfast!

If your family is always "on the go," designate family dinner nights.

Find recipes that are easy to make. Spend your time with the family, not in the kitchen.

Turn off the television, and avoid answering the phone during the meal.

Make family mealtime the top priority.

Eat around a table, not side-by-side at a counter. Eating around a table is better for conversation and eye contact.

Keep family mealtime positive, a time that everyone enjoys.

Eating together as a family is the best way to teach children healthy eating habits for a lifetime, but as indicated above, the benefits of eating together as a family extend far beyond this.


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