Fitness Services


Group Fitness Training 

Outdoor fitness camps are generally located near playgrounds and children are welcome. Spread the word to your friends about Rock Fitness! It's time to get ROCK FIT! Want to start your own Rock Fitness Camp with your friends?? Contact us with the days and times that fits your group. Rock Fitness will try to fit your fitness needs of your group!

Cost is $65 per 4-week session. Dates/Times/Locations may vary from month to month. New camps start every four weeks.

Current Camp Schedule

Wylie P.M.
6:30 pm
507 Thomas St in Wylie
Trainer: Marilyn
15 Openings

 Personal Training            

 take-careof-your-body-2Rock Fitness Trainers are educated and certified in fitness. They are here to motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Rock Fitness offers In home training/ mobile training for your convenience. Our goal is to reach your fitness goals and needs. We cater to your personality and busy life to fit in a good workout. Every second counts! Please contact us with the days and times you are wanting to work out. Let's make your fitness needs possible!!! Start with two to three sessions a week for $40 per 30-minute session! The best investment you can make for a healthier you the right way. We also offer one-hour sessions for $60 per session. Let's get busy!

 Buddy Training

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We aim to educate, motivate and inspire. Cardio, toning, strengthening, core, agility and sweat dripping 30 minute sessions. Fitness with Purpose! Grab a friend and come on! No enrollment fees. Just results!