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You are the light of the world... Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your father... Paraphrased matthew 5:14-16

Do you believe you are an inspiration to those around you? Yep, even when you feel like everything in your life is caving in the way you handle things people are watching how you handle it. I take photos for marketing and also to inspire others. To allow them to see that people just like them have stopped making excuses and are working on making there lives healthy. People are watching!!! You are inspiring many.

This verse in Matthew if you read it talk about the light that is in believers who have Christ. ┬áThis verse has really stuck with me this week for a few reasons. Note: this is a very random and raw newsletter to tell you a few things that go on in my head! ­čÖé The few weeks I went in the gym I have had to tune out everyone and blast my music in my ears. I want to make the most of my workouts and the atmosphere in my gym is very.. ummmmm LAZY. So, therefore I'm jumping from one workout to the next so my heart rate rises. I add pull ups, handstand that are controlled, bench jump ups and crazy things to my strength workouts. A few times I have been stopped and told that hey you must be a trainer. I saw you doing ______... I think WHOA!!!! That is cool. People can tell I am a Fitness Professional by my actions alone. Then I think about my life. Can they see something different in me? Can they see I do something on PURPOSE! That I have PURPOSE? ┬áDo you know that YOU have PURPOSE? That everything you do should have meaning. Becoming FIT doesn't ONLY mean having a good looking body but means feeling good. Your mind becoming STRONGER. You know when I tell you to hold them pulse them HOLD another 10 seconds and your shaking thinking I just can't and before you quit it's done and you did it??? Yes that is YOUR mind getting stronger. So, it is your mind and body getting stronger. It's a transformation. How are you doing??

How is your nutrition? Are you using myfitnesspal? Use the tools that will help you succeed they are there to help you. Do you have questions you need to ask me and haven't yet? Facebook, text, or call me.

So, here is my confession. I feel led to be open with y'all. Not for sympathy or praise, but for each one of you to know we all have our own physical and mental struggles. For those who didn't know I had cancer and had to have chemo and radiation. Which killed my ovaries which make women's hormones. So without hormone treatment I become depleted. So what no hormones?? Ummm... Hormones do a lot. From giving you energy to losing weight. Hormones that are not right can cause you fatigue and weight gain. Hormones do a lot. Well, I do  the Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. It is amazing!!!! I actually thought I lost who I was after cancer till my mom introduced me to this. I get a pellet inserted every 3 months. It releases what I need when I need it naturally. Well, I am 5 months over due. I am exhausted, fatigued, and anxiety hits hard on me. I have had to cast my cares and anxiety onto Christ and lean on HIM. Through HIS Holy spirit I have continued moving. It is extremely hard to function and when you are too low can cause you to not get out of bed. Times like this it make me DESPISE cancer. Too dang young to have gone through it. Then God reminds me of all the wonderful things that happen during it. I got to spend 6 hours during my Chemo time with Him. Learning His Character and how he loves me more than anyone. I miss my Chemo days. HA!!!!! Crazy huh?? So, why am I telling you this deep part of your trainer?? Well, cause it's been tough to work out. REALLY TOUGH. It's been hard to push myself with purpose. But you see people are always watching and I am representing Christ who shines through me. Not many will understand but I hope they want to understand. You see it's a transformation we are all going through. It's our minds, body and spirit. We need to get it all healthy. Yes indeed because it's Fitness with Purpose!

P.S. I get them Friday, so beware!!! ­čÖé



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