Personal Trainer’s Thoughts

Today on my run my mind drifted, like always. But this time it drifted on how good I felt. I felt free and light. I thought man I'm glad I did that advocare herbal cleanse. It sure tasted better than the citrus. Guess I had some toxins that needed to come out of me. Wow, so glad it's gone. Man, I am running a good pace. DANG IT!!!! Really!!!! My shoe is untied. UGH.. now I have to stop. At least it's within the first mile. Guess I will sprint when I'm done tying it. Ahhh... HERE I GOOOOOO!!!!! 1 mile done I am feeling really good. How do I stay in contact with all my clients. Oh how I think about each one of them. Some have been super quiet. Wonder why and if they are struggling... OH MAN. REALLY!!! REALLY... my other shoe is untied. UGH. I will run a little further, then tie it and do another sprint again. Ok. 2nd mile. sprinting for 40 seconds, now steady pace. I think I will take it up a notch and pass the walkers in front of me. Ahhhh... yes. Onto mile 3. What is that going on with my right side? Oh wow.. I haven't had that since I was in the Army. Is that a stitch?? Shoot. You have to be kidding me. My shoe is untied AGAIN!!!! UGH. Ok, I'm sprinting. 30 seconds. GOOOOO... whoa that pain is intense. Ok. Walk for 10 seconds hold it with my hand and think 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on to HIM because HE is the one that cares. 1 guy passes me. Oh NOOOOOO!!!! 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety onto Him cause HE is the one that cares. little jog.. Little jog. Pain go away. Pick it up. Picking it up. Whoa, I can pass this guy that just passed me. Here I GOOOOOO!!!! I'm off. The pain is still there but not as bad. I make sure my breathes are steady. Slow down my pace. Start to think. Lord I know you want me to grow your business and Now is the time. Can you use me? Can I do what you called me to do? I'm nervous about taking a step outside of my comfort zone but I am ready to trust. This is all yours God it's for your Glory.That people can become healthy and live better full filling lives. What.. WHAT.. WHAT??!!! That guy is beside me. OK.. I signal to him lets go faster. He couldn't keep up so I slow my pace again. I am still ahead. I start to think again. Pray. Then I realize God has blessed me and I'm not alone. He has given me some amazing clients to help me spread the word about Rock Fitness. He has put me in charge of what he owns. Time to ROCK THIS!!!Lexi Majoue will be amazing trainer, who will represent Rock Fitness well. Oh wow.. I'm on my last mile. WHAT that guy is closing in on me again. OK.. lets go. He smiled. I ran. I ran fast to the finish. I felt FREE. I felt good. That pain was gone. But whoa I ran hard. I thank the guy for pushing me. He thanked me and said he couldn't keep up with my sprints. I was fast. He liked the challenge and he had to get back to go get his wife. I then realize I love motivating others. I want to see people challenged and feel good. I get motivated by motivating YOU!! WOW have I told y'all I love what I do. Thank you for being part of Rock Fitness. Now let's continue to inspire others to get healthy! Fitness with a Purpose!!


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