Quality?? No certs? Expired!! REALLY??

This week was my week off camps to re-group and get ready for another round. I usually take the week and kick my butt extra good in the gym. Oh and I did it today!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Working out hard gets my mind fuel with fresh workouts and energy to you!. My AWESOME clients. I also, take the week to market and look at what everyone else (my competition)is doing. I desire to be successful. Some say I am already. But I desire to be successful in my eyes. I also desire quality, honesty, being true to who I am, and expressing who I am to all my clients. I don't want Rock Fitness to be JUST fitness nor just Advocare. I want it to be much more than that. I was so floored when one of y'all told me Rock Fitness is more than fitness and working out. Inside I was screaming YES YES YES!!!!!!! It's shinning through!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!! I strongly believe that leading by example is the best way to live. It's the only way you can truly inspire others. I mean, this is when people know your for REAL. It's not an act. 

So, in my head as I am checking out my competition I notice there sales tactics. Sometimes they are very good and other times they are good and deceiving. All they want and care about are numbers. They lower prices so they can sell you other things. Then I was surprised today that there isn't an active certification. There passion isn't fitness there passion is selling you into a nutrition program so they can make more money in the long run. AHHHHH......  Interesting. Very interesting to me. Great sales people to be honest. I feel it's important to be certified and still have a certification if you want to train someone else or provide a service to them. 

Quality is important. I want to teach everyone of you the correct ways to do workouts. I want to teach y'all the basics of nutrition. Why??? So, you can inspire others to do the same and we can fight this war against obesity together. To motivate and support one another. See fitness is a lifestyle. Life and stress kicks us down and we have to prepare our bodies physically, mentally and spiritually. OH YEAH!!! Fitness with ummm PURPOSE!!!!! 🙂 

Btw... I have called 2 churches to see if we can have our camps there. One in Wylie and the other in Sachse. Hoping it works out for January! 

Oh and!!!!!!! December 17th I will be at 24xpress in Sachse. Camps all day BABY!!!!!! WOOOHOO!!! Come sport your Rock Fitness Shirts and help out with anything if you can. What do I need help with?? I have no clue. But I know I need help!! Don't laugh~~~~ lol

OHHHHHH------- Member Christmas party is soon!!! Hope you are coming. Check your FB event invite!!!

Last thing I think.... Shoot I forgot.. Oh yeah!!! I remember. January 4th is sign ups for the next 4 week round of camps. Starts Jan. 6th. We need Rockwall or Rowlett host for Lexi!!!

Love you all!!! I am extremely blessed to have EACH one of y'all in my life. I hope you know I care about everyone of you. I also look forward to your fitness and nutrition success! 


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