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Marilyn (Nichols) Hoyt, CPT N.A.S.M.

Rock Fitness Owner, Head Trainer

Marilyn Hoyt served in the Army for six years and conducted Army fitness for soldiers for two years. On her Army physical fitness test she gained the Army Fitness Excellence patch. She has always had a passion for fitness and knows the importance of fitness being part of everyone's lifestyle. Marilyn started working out at Lady of America in Rowlett in 2003. In 2009, she started working in sales at Lady of America. She became a turbo kick certified instructor, got her National Academy of Sports Medicine personal training certification and taught weight resistance and cardio classes. In 2014 she became a Fitness Expert for the Nicholson Clinic helping beginners learn about fitness and how to workout. 2015 MoveMoreFitness LLC contacted her  through Instagram to become a MoveMoreAmbassador. In 2016 she became a MoveMore Fitness Expert and also Certified in Calisthenics.

In 2010, Marilyn teamed up with Annette Browning to start Rock Fitness Camp and she became a part-time trainer at LA Fitness in Rowlett. Shortly after, Marilyn was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She continued to train others and do as much as she could.

During this time, Marilyn says God taught her so much about His love and how to trust Him with everything. Doctors also raved about her being physically healthy and how her fitness level contributed significantly to her recovery from cancer. God has healed her and she trains others with a purpose.

Marilyn's training style is motivating and encouraging. She will push you when you are slacking and remind you why you are doing this, but she will also slow down those hard core people who hurt themselves and need to rehabilitate. Fitness is important to battle life -- physically and mentally!

Marilyn is blessed with her wonderful husband, Oscar Hoyt, and three crazy wild and wonderful boys, Schon Nichols, Solomon Nichols, and Noah Hoyt.

Liz Jones, CPT, NFPT, Yoga Alliance

Certified Trainer/Yoga Instructor at Liz Jones Wellness

Serving those in need and creating ways to better our communities by helping organizations and individuals to achieve wellness in their lives is Liz's passion and mission.

She has more than 25 years of business experience and 20 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry and is a registered yoga teacher, a professional trainer and wellness coach. Liz has designed employee wellness programs for various organizations and has had numerous articles published in fitness and wellness magazines, newspapers, and websites.

Liz has committed her life to helping people find wellness in their lives. Get more information about Liz here.

Terra Mathers, 200 RYT Hatha/Ashtanga

Rock Fitness Yoga Instructor

Terra has always been focused on fitness. She was a high school track athlete and as she grew older, she stayed dedicated to running and weight training. After the birth of her fourth child she found herself heavier than she had ever been. She began a fitness program that had an element of yoga in it. "I will never forget trying to move into a triangle pose and having to move my 'belly roll' out of the way to complete it," she says. The weight came off and she continued to do yoga.

After a terrible mountain bike accident, Terra was unable to run for an extended period of time. Her body couldn't perform the way it always had - but she found she was still able to do yoga. Yoga became an essential part of her life. She started to find peace and a self control she hadn't had before. This experience led her to Chidanandi Sherri Cherokee of Alpha Omega Yoga. Terra received her 200 RYT in Hatha/Ashtanga yoga from Chidanandi Sherri so that she could help bring others the physical and emotional healing that she had experienced through yoga firsthand.

Her own personal yoga practice is powerful and strong within a peaceful serenity. Terra's goal is to help others find their own practice that will strengthen them in a personal way. She considers it an honor to share her practice with others. Namaste.

Annette Browning, CPT N.E.S.T.A.

Substitute Rock Fitness Trainer

Annette Browning has been a certified personal trainer for three years through NESTA. Turbo kick and pi-yo certified, Annette has taught weight classes, and has conducted many off site boot camps for schools and churches. She started in sales at Lady of America and after nine months, she knew her calling was to be a trainer!

Annette has a passion for fitness and nutrition. She now works for Train Up, a gym for teens and in admin at Lakeshore Church. Annette subs at Rock Finess camps when needed. She understands how important it is to eat the right things for a healthy body and how foods fuel the body.

She is blessed with  two boys, Roman and Dakota.


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