5 Year Roller Coaster Ride

5 Year Roller Coaster Ride

Life, Professional Fitness Trainer, Mom of 3 boys, Wife, Business owner, motivator, encourager,, and you know the list goes on… But we all have purpose right? Do you believe that? DO you believe you were meant to be a part of something bigger.

Honesty, this is where I will come to terms in what I have gone through. I have struggled the last 5 years. Started after cancer. When the aftermath of chemo and radiation took place. People don’t realize how much a cancer survivor goes through after treatments. Everyone is happy you survive!! You made it!!! People see you as strong. People tell you that you are an inspiration. People begin to disappear. They figure you are good to go. But this is one of the dark times a survivor can go through.

My cancer story, was one where I leaned so much on God. He gave me this time to learn about HIM and His love. I truly spent chemo days 6 to 8 hours in His word and writing what I learned. I let Him use me. Looking back it was pretty amazing. People were praying for me and helping me so much. I was a single mom with 2 boys.

God placed Oscar in my life during this time. What a vulnerable time to begin a relationship. But hey that is how it happened. God’s plan right?!?

Little did I know hormones play a huge part of my life. Since Chemo and Radiation killed my ovaries. This is what I believe began my roller coaster of fatigue, depression, worthlessness, and awful times. Not to mention trying to rebuild the strength in my left adductor, abductor (inner & outer thigh), trying my best to motivate others and design workout plans. Build Rock Fitness without falling asleep. Regain authority as a mom, since my boys had taken over. I was on my own again. Oh and throw in building a relationship with a man who stayed by my side through one of the worst times in my life.

I became a little mad, no I become really mad at GOD!!! Why??? Yeah WHY?? Seriously, all I want to do is SLEEP. I would train and come back home and sleep. I tried hormone pellets, it was AMAZING for the first 5 months. I came back ALIVE. Once it wore off I was back to being depressed, unmotivated, and trying my best to push through. Trying my best to be logical. One time they gave me too much hormones and I remember screaming at Oscar for no reason. I apologized to him afterwards and told him I feel enraged. All I could see is RED!!! We were newly married. He was amazing to forgive me and be understanding. Also, he complimented me for always being logical. I had to keep my feelings in check. I stopped the pellets. Becoming depressed a lot again. Hard to do anything. Trying to do it anyways. I then got on shots. That was awful, so I started to research on my own. I suffered on my own. Well, we know God has carried me. This took another year. My sweet client of 6 years recommended me to go to Day Time Spa to get a hormone test. Got it done. I was told I needed a professional… Yeah DUH… I am pretty jacked up. I talked to a pharmacist at Abrams Royal. She recommended me to see Sue Miller at Renewed Vitality. I did. I was amazed. Sue told me she couldn’t believe I was getting out of bed. No vital hormones. The hormones that help your body get up. She taught me about how there are different hormones , what they did, and how they affect our bodies and lives. Also, taught me that everybody is different and no one’s bodies are the same. We all use different amounts of hormones depending on how we use our bodies. I got on supplements and hormone creams.

I then ran across more information about all the toxins that chemo and radiation puts into your body and it can cause health issues in the future. I found Dr. Gonino’s office. Where they can help get rid of the toxins in my body. Plus, they treat cancer patients in a non evasive way.

I finally feel like I am back on track mentally. Which helps me physically. I can’t lie I am struggling spiritually. Mainly because I am really healing emotionally now. Being able to tell God hey I am mad at you while I am on a run and know he loves me anyways makes me smile. He wanted me to write this. I have taking 2 months to start it.

I do know we all,really have a journey. It is important to be honest with ourselves. Being a healthy person isn’t just physical it really starts mentally. Connecting body, mind and spirit. Keeping them inline will help you become a healthier person so you can live a life with quality and purpose!

I’m ready to get Rock Fitness back on track!! To MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, and truly INSPIRE each of you to live a quality life full of PURPOSE!

Fitness with Purpose!

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