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Rock Fitness Client StoriesRock Fitness has been just what I needed in my life. I never thought I would be the type of person to join a boot camp because I've never like sports and being competitive or being yelled at. But that isn't how Rock Fitness is at all. We are all on such different fitness levels but all come out with amazing workouts at our own level. Marilyn holds you accountable, she talks to you about your nutrition and motivates you to find workouts outside of boot camp to achieve your fitness goal. At just 5 weeks with Marilyn I lost 3 inches on my waist and am down at least 6lbs. I have no doubt I will reach my goal with Marilyn. You need Rock Fitness in your life!


FB_IMG_1437520137629If you are looking for a total fitness plan, Rock Fitness is the place for you! Marilyn is hands on and is always available to to answer your questions and to motivate you to be a better you! I've known Marilyn since high school. She kept inviting me to camps for a year, before I finally went to her beginner camp she offered last year. I really enjoyed and since I was on a journey to be a better me, I kept coming back. Her work outs are focused, planned, and balanced. I feel after every class like my entire body felt every minute of it. LOVE LOVE LOVE the work outs and the people you meet during class. Marilyn is great at adjusting the work outs for everyone's fitness level, but she doesn't let you get away with slacking. She reminds you to push yourself and motivates you to get the most out of her work outs! If you haven't signed up before and are thinking about it, I highly suggest you do!


FB_IMG_1437861882543I am so happy that I became part of the Rock Fitness family! I started this camp in hopes to lose weight for my wedding next year. I was one of those people who thought "oh who has time to work out? I have a four year old come on now really?" Then with the support of my family I started Rock Fitness. Marilyn has kept me motivated and helped me achieve my first goal weight! I lost 10lbs in about 12 weeks! I am so glad that I started with a Rock Fitness! Thank you Marilyn!!


Lost 60lbs. Charmin McCuneI started working with Marilyn with Rock Fitness in January of 2014. I had been overweight my entire adult life. I had to have a hip replacement in 2008 due to birth defects. I had problems from the hip replacement and gained more weight. If I tried any physical activity I would be in pain and in bed for days. I was 36 years old and walking with a cane. I had another replacement in 2011. The pain was better but I was afraid to do too much physically. I had been in pain for so long I feared putting myself in pain again. I was tired of being overweight, tired of shopping in plus size stores, tired of not having energy, tired of not feeling like being active with my kids, tired of being tired. Marilyn started a group for people that had not been active for a long time and wanted to lose weight. She offered a small group training us physically and with nutrition. I felt this would be great for me. I would have a group to help get through the tough times. It would be nice to have people that would be on the same journey as me at the same time. I could learn nutrition and physical activity I could do. I would have the accountability of weighing in for someone else to see my weight. The accountability was huge for me. I would eat healthy in front of others but would eat junk food when no one else was around. I felt someone else seeing my weight each week would help me make the good eating choices all the time. We started meeting once a week. We talked about nutrition and then did our exercises. The exercise was mainly in chairs and our body weight for upper body. I could not believe how sore I would get each week. I would try to do some of the exercises during the week but did not do them every day. Marilyn would increase our intensity each week. We would be sorer the following days. I was starting to slowly lose weight. Once I started doing the exercises she taught us at home the weight really started to come off. Anytime I had struggles or questions I could contact Marilyn and she would give words of advice, anytime. She has always been very encouraging and supportive but will be honest with what I needed to do to get healthier. Within 6 months, I lost 50 pounds. Once I was losing weight my husband started following what I learned from Marilyn and he has now lost 115 pounds!! Marilyn offered some free sessions of boot camp. She encouraged me to attend. She shared with me that I was already doing a lot of what the people in her boot camps were doing, though some of it was modified. I tried it and was so proud I could do most of the exercise everyone else did. If I need something modified Marilyn was quick to show me a modification. If I happened to lag behind others she was right there to encourage me and help me until I finished. I have been participating in her boot camps for about 6 months now. Participants in the camp help encourage each other. Marilyn has continued to push me further than I ever thought possible. She recently had us do some stations and the last one contained 50 burpees. When I heard that I thought there is no way I can do 50 burpees. A year ago I was doing chair exercises and leaving exhausted. I was struggling to finish the burpees and Marilyn came over to help get me finished. She never said anything about that being good enough or that I could stop she pushed me to finish. I have never been as proud of my physical abilities as I was at that moment!! I feel better than I have felt in years. Marilyn has helped make my 40’s the best, healthiest most active years of my adult life. I now go on 15-mile bike rides on the weekends. I am much more active with my family than I can ever remember. If I can lose 60 pounds and attend boot camps, anyone can!!


CameronI look forward to going to Rock Fitness every week. It challenges me physically, mentally, and also to be a better person. It is more than just a boot camp. Marilyn has such a big heart for others and uses the boot camp to help people in need. My job is physical on a daily basis. Rock Fitness has given me more energy and endurance to perform at my best.


If you want to get into shape, but don't know where to start. If you want to get in shape, but lack the determination to keep it up. You should really check out Rock Fitness! I knew I needed some help to keep up a fitness routine. I just couldn't make it happen on my own. I had heard of Rock Fitness from a friend and decided to try it out. I am SO HAPPY I did!! Marilyn is such an inspiring trainer. She knows how to push you and make you WANT more. I started out barely making it through the 4-minute fitness test without collapsing and now I can run miles, lift weights, and so many other things I didn't think I would be able to. Thank for doing what you do, Marilyn!


CarolLost 20lbs, Runner In Training Marilyn is the coolest COACH EVER!!! Do you wish you could join a fitness camp but think you could never make it through a session because you are THAT out of shape? Have you tried millions of programs, read tons of books, bought gym memberships, exercise equipment and videos but never could “get into it”? Do you have a picture in your mind of someone screaming at you, or embarrassing you, or being just generally uncomfortable when you think of exercising in a group setting or at a fitness camp? Do you think you don’t have enough time to get a workout in? Nothing to do with the kids while you work out? Are you tired of feeling just sick and tired; is life uncomfortable enough to give something new a try? I highly recommend giving Rock Fitness a try. It may be the answer to your prayers about how to take your health back into your hands, it certainly has been an answer to mine. I began attending Rock Fitness boot camps in August 2013. I was very overweight and in terrible physical shape. From day one, Marilyn helped me get a vision: she asked me what I was willing to commit to and gave me tools and knowledge that made diet and exercise go from an over-complicated impossibility to a very simple, doable way of living. The camps are held twice a week, 30 minutes each session at nearby parks. Your kids can play or they can even work out alongside you. Easy? No. Doable? Yes. You can do ANYTHING for 30 minutes, right? Marilyn’s love for people, passion for fitness, and her training certification all shine through at these camps. The workouts are challenging and completely different each time. There is no yelling or humiliation in front of the group. Marilyn takes into account each client’s fitness level and ability, demonstrates proper form, modifies exercises for those who need them, and cheers and encourages you through the workout right to the end. You will walk away knowing you accomplished something GREAT each time you finish a workout. You will get stronger, become healthier, and you will have a coach and workout mates by your side going through the hard parts with you, and celebrating your successes with you. In the first three months, I lost 20 pounds and a couple of clothing sizes. I’m sleeping better, sick less, happier, and developing a surprising LOVE for fitness. I’m becoming a runner and I LOVE it! I look forward to camp days and independent workouts. I’m getting stronger every week. I can’t believe the things I’m able to do with this body now -- things were impossible dreams three months ago. Partnering with Rock Fitness has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my health.


TanyaDown 3 sizes In four months with Rock Fitness, everything has changed. I started camp by a nudge from my sister and now I look forward to training. I have lost not only three dress sizes but I no longer need to take meds for anxiety/depression. My marriage and parenting skills have drastically improved. I never intended for all of this to change, but working with Marilyn and seeing her passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle choices makes it impossible to not have everything change. I am so grateful for everything Rock Fitness had done for me and my family. I have balance strength and confidence! (And a good reason to go shopping!)


JuliaMarilyn is a BEAST! She makes me do things I don't want to do, but I'm always glad I did them afterward. I had "outgrown" the bigger pants I bought when all of my pants became too small when I started seeing her. I'm back in the original pants, and I hope to be too small for them by spring! She's always there to motivate me when I'd rather just sit on the couch and munch a brownie or nap - without Marilyn and Rock Fitness, I would probably have had to keep going up in pant sizes! 2012 Update: Over 30 lbs lost and running adventure races!


Beth6 inches lost Marilyn did for me exactly what I asked her to do: give me a huge kick start! I needed a serious challenge after the first of the year to get me back on the road to health and strength. Over the last few months of 2012 I had put on some weight and felt lethargic and stuck. I found Marilyn on the internet when I Googled personal trainers in Wylie. I love the fact that she came to my home bright and early two mornings a week and challenged me! I could see myself coming out of my slump and finding my muscle tone again. After six weeks of training with Marilyn I can truly say I’m in a much better place. And thanks to her challenging workouts, I am loving my exercise again! Marilyn is great and I would recommend her to anyone wanting a good, hard workout accompanied by her sweet spirit and caring nature. Thank you, Marilyn!


Shayna2 sizes down Rock Fitness Camp and Marilyn helped me make necessary and healthful changes in my life! Last summer I joined her boot camp program and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made! I was not happy with the way my body looked and the way I felt. I finished the first boot camp down two sizes and have since moved to Houston and have been inspired to begin my own journey into the fitness world by being a Zumba instructor. I would have never even considered this path if it had not been for Marilyn's ongoing support and Rock Fitness Camp to push me forward! Thank you so much Marilyn! You are AWESOME!


Jess10 inches lost I just finished my first four week boot camp with Marilyn and it was amazing!! I went from sitting on my couch to full activity thanks to her encouragement and training. I’ve always wanted to be a runner but really didn’t think I had it in me. However Marilyn saw something that said I could and she brought it out!! I’m not ready to run a marathon yet, but I’m on my way!! In just four weeks I lost five inches and feel so much better and have gained back confidence that has been missing for a long time. Rock Fitness has been a blessing to me and I’m looking forward to continuing my training with Marilyn!! After two months of Rock Fitness Camp boot camp, I am down eight pounds and ten inches!! Woohoo!!! Thank you to my 'sisters in sweat' for your encouragement and support and thank you Marilyn, for your guidance!!

2013 Update: Weighed in at the doctor and I am officially under 200 pounds!!!! That was a huge milestone for me to reach. So thank you Marilyn and all my friends at Rock Fitness Camp!!!


MelodieCholesterol down 20 points Joining the boot camp was a last ditch effort on my part to get enough exercise within the last month of a three month period my doctor gave me to lower my cholesterol or get on medication. I had tried everything and exercising on my own for the previous six months with no luck. All I had succeeded was lowering my HDL and that was not good. Marilyn was just the kick my butt needed to get into gear. At the end of my first four week boot camp, my cholesterol had dropped 20 points! I am not exaggerating when I say that this has saved my life. I don't mean just with my cholesterol. Rock Fitness has given me a new lease on feeling great by taking care of myself. On the days that we meet, I leave feeling invigorated and alive. On days we don't meet, my friends that I have made through Rock Fitness lift me up and encourage me with my fitness, my personal challenges, and life. I have a team of people that rally for me just as I rally for them. Marilyn makes that happens and teaches us to become physically and mentally tougher.


LexiNot all personal trainers are created equal! Two months ago, my favorite personal trainer and dear friend, Marilyn left the gym where I work out to give her own fitness business the attention it needed. She owns Rock Fitness and offers one-on-one personal training as well as dynamic group boot camps in various locations from Rowlett to Wylie. She can come to your home for the one-on-one stuff, or you can sign up for a camp that meets weekly and make some new friends who are working towards goals just like you. You'd be surprised at the different fitness levels of those that attend boot camp, but no matter whether you are beginning or have been working out for a while, one thing is certain: you WILL get a good workout. I am not kidding! Marilyn has served in the Army and knows how to push you in a good way to keep you on task. Don't let the word "Army" scare you -- she's positive and upbeat and will pump you up!


ConnieLost 20 pounds My first day with Marilyn was Feb. 28, 2012. I had gained over 20 pounds and nothing fit anymore. I no longer felt good and my self esteem was gone. On the very first visit, Marilyn gave me a feeling of self confidence with her encouraging words and hard workouts when she left I felt the I can do it! I personally feel she was God sent. Her workouts are awesome but most important her passion to help is overwhelmingly impressive. I love this new feeling. Thank you Marilyn and God Bless you for being a part of my life.


MJAfter 17 years and having my kids, Rock Fitness helped me fit into my wedding dress again! Thank you Marilyn!


KathyThere are many investments in life that you take and wonder if it's all worth it in the end. I have worked out with Marilyn since May 2011. I can say that having Marilyn in my life has been one of the best investments EVER!!!!! Marilyn is not your typical trainer. No, she is much more than just a trainer. Fitness and helping others is her passion in life. I originally attended boot camp to jump start my fitness. I had plateaued and I had goals in mind that I wanted to achieve. Honestly, I was a bit nervous on my first day, because the words "boot camp" for some reason, just sound kind of harsh and tend to strike fear in the minds of many, including myself. What I found out that first day, is that Marilyn is absolutely AMAZING!!!!! That was the best work out that I had experienced in a long time. I knew that day that she could help me reach and achieve my goals!! When doing boot camp, Marilyn makes you feel like you are the only one there. She is focused on each person individually and paying special attention to their specific needs. You forget that there are others in class with you. Along with working out in Rock Fitness boot camps, I was also training/running with an area Running Club to fulfill my goal of running the White Rock Half on December 4, 2011. Unfortunately, I was a little overzealous and I ended up injuring my hip at a track practice with my running club. I became frustrated and working out was painful. I felt lost in what I was able to do. I was scared. Marilyn never gave up on me and she helped me rehabilitate my hip. Her expertise with fitness and the way the body works and heals became apparent. Through her boot camps and her constant encouragement and support, I was able to run the White Rock Half and finish!!! This was my First Half and the longest distance that I have ever run!! I will continue to participate in boot camps with Marilyn. She is an excellent trainer and an amazing person!! I am blessed to have her in my life!! Thank you so much, Marilyn!!!!! Rock Fitness with Marilyn is definitely Fitness with a Purpose!


Carma30 pounds lost Praise God and Rock Fitness Boot Camps! God gave me the will to stick with it. Rock Fitness gave me the skills, the knowledge and the strength to do the work. It feels good!
2010 Update: Working part time as a weight loss/life change coach.


ReneeMarilyn is the trainer you have been looking for. Whether you are building strength, wanting a challenge, or nursing an injury she knows the moves to work you through it all! I recently suffered a rotator cuff injury and my doctor wanted me to go to physical therapy. Instead I was in a boot camp and let Marilyn know about my special need and she rehabbed it through the boot camp. She will meet you where you are in private personal training or in a group setting. She caters to each member of the group as if they were the only one! Make your move now for better health and a challenge!


StephanieI’ve been training with Marilyn for a year. She became my favorite trainer after I recovered from my tough first workout. She maximizes my time into efficient and effective sessions. Marilyn is always the encourager with a hint of drill SGT and we still find time to swap interesting Bible-study tidbits during our sessions. Marilyn is a sweetie and I highly recommend her! I came to her pretty scrawny, and now I finally have lean muscles! My husband is also a fan of Marilyn for helping me get in the best shape of my life. It made our anniversary trip to Cancun so much fun!


I just love Marilyn and Annette to pieces!! They have been great motivators for me!! Annette was been my PT for about six months and I wouldn’t be where I am in my fitness without her!! In Marilyn’s last four week 30-minute boot camp I lost five pounds and about eight inches all over!! They will for sure rock your WORLD!!


2010 In April I started a four week, 30-minute boot camp with Marilyn and she helped me reach a level of fitness that I never thought I could do. Every day we met I couldn't wait to see what new butt-kickin' workout she had in store for us. By the end of the boot camp I lost ten pounds and 8.5 inches. I would highly recommend doing a boot camp with Rock Fitness to anybody who wants to kick start or keep up a healthy lifestyle! I loved it so much I'm starting another one in July!


2010 I joined Ladies of America in April of this year along with a friend, at the time I was not very committed to working out. Marilyn has been a very big part in helping me be committed and gaining self confidence, she has made me believe I can do this. She is a great motivator and I really enjoy her cardio class that she instructs. Since I have joined one of my other good friends has also joined, the three of us always make sure that we come to LOA on Wednesdays to attend Marilyn’s class. I have looked at the other two locations closest to my home and I do not see a class that she teaches or even a class that may be like hers. Please consider moving her to one of the other locations, I truly believe that she is an asset to the LOA family.

We aim to educate, motivate and inspire. Cardio, toning, strengthening, core, agility and sweat dripping 30 minute sessions. Fitness with Purpose! Grab a friend and come on! No enrollment fees. Just results!