Fit Test

Workout Ideas

Rock Fitness Workouts

Beginner Chair Workout Leg Lifts

Total Body Workout

Skateboard Workout

Sliding Rock Fitness Workout and Clean Floors!

Sassy Sachse

Wild N Crazy Wylie

Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day Fun 2

Army Style Memorial Day Training

Army Style Memorial Day Training 2

Rocking Rowlett

Obstacle Fun

Low Crawl-Under/Plank

Sassy Sachse Squatting Laughs

Client's little girl wants to do camp too!

Ladder Drills and Stacking Cones

We aim to educate, motivate and inspire. Cardio, toning, strengthening, core, agility and sweat dripping 30 minute sessions. Fitness with Purpose! Grab a friend and come on! No enrollment fees. Just results!