Why Sweat??

Why run? Why bike? Why get your heart pumping? Why Sweat??

Yes the answer is physically it's good for you. We all know that. We all get it. Honestly do we care?? I don't think so or else all of us would be doing something. Right??

Well, lately I've been busy getting my heart pumping by doing pullups, body weight training, and some lifting, other than running. Frankly, cause I didn't want to. My personal music is all gone and I've only downloaded 4 songs that get me pumping and ready to go. Then I have to switch it to my Rock Fitness Camp mixes.. don't get me wrong they are pumping and fast beat music but I only download the mixes cause it provides my clients some music and it is all clean. But not all of it is my personal choice of listening too... shhhhh..... don't tell them. 😛 

So, Monday I planned running for Friday. No music favorites, no music , or excuses would cause me to not run. Thursday night came I went to bed after 1 am and got up at 6 am dragging. Thought ok, my morning client canceled so I will go back to sleep for a little bit. Oh and look at that it's lightening. Oh well, to sleep I go. You know cause I HAVE to be up early next week with Rock Fitness camps starting up.. I deserve some rest. Rest is good.... oh crap its 930am. It's not raining. I have to run. This is what I planned for today. But my mind said look at that pullup bar. You can change it get some abs in on the pullup bar. Work on some different workouts. WHOA!!!!!!! Wait!!!! I sound like my clients. Wait!!!! I should tell them. I'm just like them!!!! HUMAN!!! I didn't want to run, but dang it I WILL.... Got my Rock Fitness Camp music going, headphones on, and out the door I went! Yes it feels beautiful out here. All right lets put the volume up and lets GOOOOOO!!!! I ran. It felt good. How far I ran?? Not far. I would guess about 3 miles.

This is how I felt though. Sweat dripping, heart pumping, head pounding with ideas. I felt the endorphin kick in.  Texting ideas and feeling accomplished. This is why people should run, bike, or do whatever makes you push yourself. Not only does it benefit your body but it benefits your mind. It builds your confidence to know you can accomplish something and you feel good afterwards. 

So, here is my point, get out of your comfort zone and stop with all the excuses of why you can't. All that negative crap is tearing you down. Do something that will build you up, mind and body. If you don't know how and really want to contact Rock Fitness, you see it's fitness with purpose. 🙂

Go get sweaty!!!

Marilyn CPT, N.A.S.M


instagram: @rockfitnesscamp

FB: fitnesswithpurpose

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