No matter what - just 10 minutes

Oct 27, 2022

 by Marilyn Hoyt

I’ve got a big confession for you today … and yes, this happens to coaches, too.

The other day I was NOT FEELING my workout. I don’t know why. But I was dreading it.

I kept finding things to do INSTEAD of working out. 

You know, important things that couldn’t wait like organizing my bookshelf.

It wasn’t because I needed a day off. It was just one of those days.

So here’s what I did …

I put on my workout clothes, laced up my sneakers, and got myself to the studio/gym.

I told myself: “Just go easy for 10 minutes, and if you still don’t want to work out, then you can go home.”

And, you guessed it: after 10 minutes, I felt so much better I decided to keep going.

Was it my best workout ever? No. 

But it didn’t have to be. 

The important thing was that I showed up for myself.

The workouts you don’t want to do are the MOST IMPORTANT. 

They solidify your commitment to yourself, your health, fitness, and your goals. They lay the groundwork.

So the next time you are thinking of ditching your healthy habits … tell yourself: JUST 10 MINUTES.

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