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I have never ever been able to stick to a gym, always felt out of place but this gym has the best environment. The owner, Marilyn, is someone who is truly there because she WANTS to be, she pours positivity. Couldn’t imagine going to a different gym ever again!

Summer Ellis

Marilyn is freaking amazing! She takes the time to get to know you and help you figure out what your goals are then she tailors your personal training sessions to help you meet your goals. The Rock Fitness Tribe is amazing as well! I’ve met so many people either in group classes or just working out. Everyone is super supportive and like a big family! I totally recommend joining our tribe!

Penny Phillips

Best trainer ever. Marilyn will work you at your level, and she will encourage you the whole time!

Kristen Y. Hoar

Best decision ever made coming to this gym! I truly recommend the express workouts and the Zumba class. I always have so much fun and most important that I have seen improvement in my health. Marilyn will take the time to adjust your workouts accordingly to your goals and needs. Best gym ever!

Miriam Judith

Truly love this gym community, they’re extremely inclusive and are great at meeting you where you’re at to take you to where you want to go. They’ve got something for everyone. ❤️ If classes aren’t your jam and you’re more of a solo fitness person, they have the stuff you need to come and go on your own as you please.

Blanca Balli

if you live in or around Farmersville and haven't checked out Rock Fitness you are doing yourself a disservice!

Susan Lewis

Rock fitness is a gym that has everything you need to improve your life and battle your demons. Supportive, friendly, and loaded with everything you need whether your a body builder or a senior rehabbing a hip.

Steve Henslee

I love rock fitness! Marilyn is amazing and has been supportive the entire way through my journey, no pressure, no gimmicks, she yltruly loves what she does and thrives seeing results, I have now lost over 80lbs, feeling great, and can finally look at myself in the mirror and smile! Rock fitness is a great place, great atmosphere, and amazing people! Check it out!

Heather Loudermilk

Bar none - the BEST express conditioning class ever. Yes, I may let out a swear word here and there but Marilyn is top notch and the gain is worth the pain! 💪🏻💚 …

K Clark

I’ve been coming here for a while and it’s always a good time! Everyone is friendly but they also mind their business , which I love lol. They have a good selection of equipment for the size of this gym and offer many other services like zumba, training , etc., AND you get a free shirt when you become a member!! Only thing is there is no water fountains to fill up so make sure to bring enough water or some change, they have a vending machine for drinks!

Ivon Diaz

Love the workouts and the relationships I have made. Marilyn is awesome. She is encouraging and works with everyone on their fitness level. Highly recommend you trying it out. You won't be disappointed!

Kristen Hoar

This gym has all the equipment needed for a good workout. Clean, quiet, and rarely anyone else working out when I was in there. (I liked that a lot.) The owner is nice, approachable, and helpful.

Shalane Baker

Great gym, all the equipment you need for a good workout at a great price. The owner, Marilyn is awesome and very personable.

Andrea Ramirez

Best gym around for the best price. Provides a safe workout environment for anyone

Tonya Ortega

Great place to work out no matter what your fitness level. I highly recommend the various classes that are available to help you meet your fitness goals.

Lynnette Johnson

It’s pretty alright!! Very homey, and comfortable. The owner is very personable and always upgrading the equipment. It’s my own little escape from the day.

Kyle Owen

Great, motivating workouts!

Robin Roose

I've only been a member for about 2 weeks but it's honestly the best gym I've trained in. has everything you need for every body part and it's a very motivating environment.

Clayton Griffith

Marilyn is very attentive and not only teaches how's the right way to work but also how to eat properly without giving up everything u like. she also teaches how to continue all at home as well

Kim Barnes

Great personal fitness training and a positive trainer! Marilyn is awesome! I highly recommend her services.

Jessica Lynn Baxley

Marilyn is a wonderful trainer! She's reliable, smart and encouraging. Rock Fitness has a great fitness studio in Farmersville, not far from where I live in Blue Ridge. It's nice not having to travel to the bigger cities to get to a gym. I usually do the 9:30am class with Marilyn and you get a total body workout in just a half hour!

Dawn Martell

I had a chance to be trained by Marilyn, she is very good at her job. I feel like she cares for each person she is training. She will make time for you for any questions or concerns. she treats each person with respect and helps you achieve your goal.

John Mathew

With Marilyn you feel like you get one-on-one focus while being a part of a small, but highly supportive workout group. I am stronger and in so much better shape since joining Marilyn'so camp!!

Salena Cannon

If you’re looking to work on that New Years resolution to get fit, Rock Fitness is the place to go. Certified Personal trainer Marilyn Hoyt is committed to helping you reach your personal fitness goals. I appreciate Marilyn’s willingness to work with anyone - from those of us who haven’t worked out In ages to those of you looking for a tough no nonsense trainer.

Veda Shaw

I love Rock Fitness. There are many fun classes available each week, including yoga twice a week and Zumba. I have lost 17 pounds, and I feel great and full of energy.

Caroline Massa

Marilyn is an outstanding trainer. She's focused, attentive and prepares a great workout. I highly recommend Rock Fitness!

Marla Watson

LOVE this place! I got an all over workout and the owner is awesome too! She really helps you with your form and is very encouraging. I can’t wait to go back and to see the future results to come!! It’s only 30 minutes and let me tell ya— you’ll feel it when you leave;) she’s always changing it up too! 💪💃

Jamie Newman

I have seen more results going to these classes with Marilyn. She works with everyone at their level. Yoga is awesome too !!

Cindy Rowe

Marylin is amazing! This is one of the most accepting and fun group of ladies I have worked out with.

Chelse Hall

She is supportive, fun and when necessary gives just the right amount of tough love to prove to ourselves we really CAN do it!

The Kimmel Family

Just recently bought a membership so far it is great......

Jason Streetman


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