Steal this mission-ready trick from the military

Nov 17, 2022

 by Marilyn Hoyt

Did you know that in the military, every phase of every mission has a “contingency plan” (a.k.a. “fallback plan”), just in case the original plan doesn’t work? 

In other words, they plan to fail.

And although it might sound counter-intuitive, planning to fail when it comes to your fitness (especially over the holidays!) can save you from a downward spiral. 

I’m talking about when:

  • Something comes up and you don’t have time for your regular routine
  • You’ve got an event and your schedule gets thrown off
  • You’re traveling
  • The list goes on and on

Rather than expecting yourself to be perfect and quitting the second you slip up…

It’s better to know you’re likely to slip up and have a fallback plan ready to support you.

It can be as simple as going for a walk or having some bodyweight workouts ready that you can do anywhere in just a few minutes!

It’s not that your fitness will suddenly deteriorate if you miss a workout and meal prep session or two … the real issue is that you can lose your momentum and motivation!

It’s so much easier to KEEP GOING than it is to start back up again. 

You got this!