The Problem with Starting January 1st

Nov 14, 2022

 by Marilyn Hoyt

Over the years, I’ve had tons of clients tell me they were going to take the holidays off from their workouts/health routine and they’d see me again in January.

And then in January, they said they wished they hadn’t taken the break! 

They felt like they were starting over again.

Want to know a secret? 

There is a happy medium — because being fit on track with your healthy habits is NOT all-or-nothing. 

You just need a plan that takes into account your schedule & lifestyle. 

Having a PLAN helps you in so many different ways:

  • It gets rid of “decision fatigue” – a real issue when you have a lot on your plate!
  • It takes away all of the guesswork
  • You know exactly what to do
  • You know when to do what

The RIGHT plan will help you maintain (or even make gains!) in a shorter amount of time.

PLUS it will help you keep up your momentum so you don’t feel like you’re starting over.

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